Traditional Treatments
Don't Cut It

You’ve tried everything – sleeping on your side, sleeping sitting up, nasal strips, CPAP. Maybe you’ve even looked into implants or surgery. None of these work as well as they should or are cost-prohibitive. There is a better way with Arora.

How Arora Can Help

Whether you have sleep apnea causing fatigue or your snoring is keeping your partner awake, Arora can help with its simple oral device. Arora can also trim down the extended healthcare process required for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment – without a CPAP machine.

How It Works

Step 1:
Schedule a FREE Consultation

No cost, no pressure, and no obligation.

Step 2:
Get started with treatment

We take digital impressions to ensure a precision fit and will have your device back to you in 8-10 business days.

Step 3:
Sleep Better

Enjoy your custom sleep device!

Arora Does It Better

A better night’s sleep is not only possible, it’s accessible to anyone who visits Arora. You don’t need a sleep apnea diagnosis to try a better solution for a restful night of sleep.